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Where to Use Floteak?


Floteak is used by deck fabrication companies to create ECO friendly decking panels or floors. 

Sailboat Cockpit Seating – because Floteak is softer to sit on and does not get hot

Steel Barges – because Floteak has superb insulating properties that reduces condensation

Boats in Hot Climates – because Floteak is cool to walk on

Floteak is not restricted to Boats. It is great for many other applications such as Cruise Ship Decks and Swimming Pool Surrounds.

ECO Deck Panels

Fabricators create their own deck panels often using templates. Panels may be fabricated by experienced deck makers to the correct shape or programmed using a CNC machine. Decks have caulking grooves cut and are usually finished with an ms polymer caulking material in the usual way.


Eco -Decking Solutions – Unmargined, Margined and Swept Decks

We supply through sales distributors the roll product for fabricators to cut caulking grooves along the length. For experienced deckmakers it is easy to router the material into DIY or Professionally installation eco friendly decking panels. The Floteak material is perfect for both small cockpits to larger areas such as Swimming Pools or Commercial Ships Decks. It is also easy to produce margined ECO friendly deck panels by fabricating and adhering an edge margin using the Floteak material.

More Complex Margined Panels can be Fabricated by cutting the Floteak material into Planking Strips. The Planking Strips are usually cut by fabricators into 45mm wide strips with a 5mm step or a 125mm Kingplank section. These can be built up to produce a Fully Swept Traditional Sailboat Deck.